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There is nothing in the intellect
which was not first in some way in the senses.

Maria Montessori

Montessori Preschool


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Headmistress, teacher

I am a graduate of the Faculty of Preschool and Early School Pedagogy at the Pedagogical University in Kraków (MA 2004). In 2006 I successfully completed a one year course on the Maria Montessori Pedagogy in childhood education. The course was organised by the Polish Montessori Association in Łódź. Other post-graduate courses completed include: ‘Early Support of Development and Education for Autistic Children’ and ‘Education Organisation and Management’ offered by the Kraków Institute for Education Development (Krakowski Instytut Rozwoju Edukacji). I am a teacher with many years of pedagogical experience (I worked in an integrated Montessori preschool and in the preschool of the Jagiellonian University). I also run individual pedagogical therapy for preschool and early school children (including autistic children). I have completed numerous professional development training and conferences. I play the guitar and have completed several music and rhythmic courses. Help me do it myself (M. Montessori) is a motto, which I try to follow both in my work and in my private life. I have two daughters. It is a great joy for me to act as an observer and guide in the world of the child, to accompany children as they progress taking small or big steps and to support their development.

Our preschool is overseen by the Malopolska Regional Educational Authority and the City of Krakow. This guarantees that our activities and curriculum are fully compliant with the requirements of Polish educational law.

Our staff

Our preschool offers high quality education based on acclaimed Montessori teaching aids and materials. Our preschool stands out thanks to our staff – highly qualified professionals who are passionate about their job and have long-standing experience with Montessori education. Our headmistress and teachers have university degrees in preschool and early childhood education. They are also graduates of certified Montessori pedagogical courses.


We provide children with specialist care and offer professional support to children with developmental problems thanks to cooperation with experienced and recognised therapists.

Anna Kowalska

Anna Kowalska

Headmistress, teacher



We are certain that the children attending our preschool, will not only enjoy their learning experience, but will be also well-prepared to continue their education in primary school. This is the result of an educational process that takes place in child-friendly surroundings - in an atmosphere of understanding, acceptance and respect for the needs of each and every child. These are the distinctive features of the preschool environment we offer.